How full is your cup?


This will be a quick post as I am heading off to the emergency room of our regional children’s hospital shortly.  My son continues to have a rough go of things and we have some medical concerns that now need attention.  Over the years we have learned the ER tends to be the place where such questions are best addressed.

Thankfully, I haven’t made this trip in years.  Matthew has been largely stable.  But, there was a time when I made this trip several times a month.  One of my coping strategies was to treat myself to a drive-thru Starbucks latte en route to the ER.  Normally I am not prepared to spend $5 on a cup of coffee.  That, and the fact that I prefer a specific fair trade coffee usually meant that I brewed my morning cuppa at home.  But during ER trips that decadent latte became a bright moment of self-care and self-indugence in an otherwise stressful day.

Today, once again, I will stop and treat myself to a latte.  In fact, I might even splurge on a slice of lemon loaf, calories and fat be damned!  My  husband laughs at these pollyanna-ish moments, but for me these “traditions” allow me to find my cup more full, than empty, during difficult moments.

So, on a day when my cup is likely going to feel emptier than usual I will fill it with some damn good coffee.

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