Mommy needs a time out!

Things have been pretty quiet here on the blogging front.  The first few weeks of July have been wonderful.  We have been blessed to enjoy visits with family and friends and have taken advantage of the wonderful summer weather.  This, of course, means I have spent little time in front of my computer.


Matthew begins a four week respite admission this week.  This is the longest intentional respite admission for Matthew since his birth.  I am both excited and very nervous.  Matthew’s last long admission to respite was followed immediately with an admission to ICU.  One may have had little to do with the other, but nonetheless I am anxious.   Here’s hoping it  goes well.


This respite admission concurs with my youngest son’s trip to Ecuador as part of an international youth camp.  My eldest is working at a summer camp “up north”.  So for the first time since we became parents almost 20 years ago my husband and I are kid-free for a stretch of time.  I actually plan to spend a chunk of that time at our cottage while my husband remains in town to deal with his demanding job.  That said, we are hoping to get away for a week or so together.


I expect things will remain quiet on the blogging front for the summer months, but I plan to return with a vengeance in late summer!



One thought on “Mommy needs a time out!

  1. Enjoy yourself. Swimming, knitting, wining, hiking, coffeeing, whatever other …ing you like to do. Is this the four week sting where you’re going to be “the best mom ever”?


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