We’re back!



Summer is over and we’re back to normal life, some of us as you can see, kicking and screaming!

There are many ways I can tell that summer is over and fall is nigh.  The students return to our university town.  We begin to see the early stages of construction of the Oktoberfest tent.  The kids go back to school and the snowbirds we know begin packing for their exodus south.  And we begin to worry about Matthew’s health again.

Summer is often a pleasant hiatus from any serious health concerns for Matthew.  Communicable viruses seem to wane and he generally enjoys a stretch of good health and medical stability.  For medically fragile children the fall return to school, day programs, and activities, while fun, also signals a return to larger crowds of people sharing germs in confined spaces.  And for our kids minor bugs that other kids weather with little difficulty can wreak havoc.

Like clockwork yesterday we got the call.  Summer is over, after all.  I had just finished a karate lesson, one of the few “me” moments in my busy week, and the nurse called from Matthew’s day program.  He had been irritable all day.  He was running a low grade fever.  His oxygen SATs have been on the low end of normal all day and not rebounding.  It’s likely nothing acute but the day program was worried something was brewing. Please come and get him.  So Matthew is home today, and as you can tell by the above picture, not particularly happy with life.

Awesome!  (said with serious sarcasm).

Tomorrow I am off to London for the day and Saturday is my husband’s 50th birthday celebration.  Matthew’s timing, as always, is impeccable.

I normally love fall.  I love pumpkins, and crisp fall days, and sweaters, and tea, and hikes through orange and red forests. And of course a return to blogging after my summer hiatus. But I hate the return of fall viruses.



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