Just DON’T!!!


Today I was running errands early in the morning and I pulled into a local parking lot.  Since the stores had only recently opened the parking area was relatively empty and I scored a parking spot second from the store’s front door.  The closest parking spot was of course a “blue spot” for people with disabilities.

Most people who know me are aware, that as a parent of a child who uses a wheelchair, I have a great, big, enormous chip on my shoulder when it comes to inappropriate use of accessible parking spots.  Hey.  At least I own it!

Today, as I walked into the store, I noticed that the car in the accessible parking spot did not have the appropriate blue tag.  GRRRRRR!  That makes me really, really cranky. To really cap off my annoyance the car in question was a high end, rare, luxury  vehicle with a vanity plate.  The message seemed to be- this is a really valuable car and therefore it is worthy of this parking spot close to the windows where I can see it and make sure it remains untouched.  For the record dear driver, your car is not and never will be, worth more than my son’s quality of life or the QOL of anyone else who lives with a mobility impairment. If you’re that worried about your hunk of metal park it at the far end of the empty parking lot and walk.  Because, you know, you are able to do so.


So today I join the rant of many people/caregivers who live with disability and require the use of accessible parking spots.


If you do not have the appropriate blue tag and the person with the disability is not a passenger in the car  you may not, not ever, park in a blue spot.  LIKE NEVER.  


Yes, I know you think you will only be a minute.  Yes, I understand you are in a really big rush, or the parking lot might be really, really full.  It doesn’t matter.  It doesn’t matter that you aren’t feeling well or you twisted your ankle.  It doesn’t matter that your mother/father/brother/sister or so on has the appropriate wheelchair tag you cannot use the parking spot if they’re not in the car, or you’re not picking them up.  It doesn’t matter that you are corralling  lots of small children and pushing a stroller, you still can’t use the parking spot if you don’t have the requisite blue tag.  Sorry.  And no, it doesn’t matter if you drive a really, really nice car and you have a need to see your car at all times because it means so much to you and is worth such a great deal of money.  You still don’t get to use the blue spot if you don’t have the “blue wheelchair tag”.


Accessible parking spots are for people with mobility impairments who have the appropriate parking tag for people with disabilities.  FULL STOP!


Okay.  Rant over.




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