Coffee. Constipation. Calamity!!!


Matthew, like most kids with cerebral palsy, struggles with constipation.  Cerebral palsy is a movement disorder and it effects movement(s) of all kinds!  These days we manage Matthew’s GI issues with a finely tuned regimen of water, prune juice, bowel meds, and stool softeners that took a few years of trial and lots of error to sort out.  Remember Matthew can’t talk, and would often tell us we bunged him up by screaming for hours on end.  It sucked for both of us.

Morning care is a tightly packed parade of very specific routines.  There is a lot of care to accomplish in a fairly short period of time.  Every morning Matthew gets a bolus concoction of prune juice, water, and stool softeners syringed directly into his stomach.  That would be the glass to the right.  My coffee, of course, is the glass to the left.  And this morning during the mad dash that is morning care I grabbed the wrong glass.  Fortunately I figured things out fairly quickly.

If not, wouldn’t that have made for an interesting day!

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