The best part of the day!

I am a morning person.  However until a few years ago, when we began to have consistent night staff to care for Matthew, I was a sleep-deprived morning person.  As a result I have carefully calibrated my caffeine addiction and appreciate a good cup of coffee.  My family knows not to talk to me until I have had at least one cup of coffee in the morning.  For a Christmas gift my eldest was thrilled to find pyjamas with owls and coffee cup images scattered all over the flannel pants.  As he noted, these were my two favourite things!  On one garment!


Today I had a morning nurse which is a tad unusual for a thursday. This meant that rather than doing Matthew’s care, I could drive David and the rest of the car pool gang to school.   Our kids attend a private, Mennonite high school about 20 minutes down the road so car pooling is an essential part of our life.  I like car pooling teenagers and know I will miss the experience when our youngest leaves for university in two years.  I find teenagers incredibly interesting and engaging human beings.  I love their ideas and fresh perspective on life.  I enjoy the car pool conversations and love that I get a glimpse into the lives of my kids.


After dropping the gang off at school I carried on to my favourite coffee shop. I hadn’t yet had breakfast and I was getting hungry.  More importantly I hadn’t yet had coffee!  City Cafe is a wonderful place with fantastic bagels and coffee.  It is a unique cafe where one serves themselves and then pays based on the honour system by dropping cash into a till.  No debit or credit cards.  Staff will make change if you need it, but their role is primarily to bake bread and bagels – and be friendly!  City Cafe is a place with a strong sense of community and it isn’t unusual to find yourself sitting with a total stranger if chairs are at a premium.  People chat as they make their morning breakfast or wait in line for the toaster.  I have met many wonderful people at City and have had many fascinating conversations.


Because you serve yourself  at City here is often a hub of activity around the centre island where people are doctoring their morning cuppa, toasting bagels, slathering jam on toast, and so on. Today was no exception when I stopped to get a toasted bagel and cup of joe.  As an aside, I LOVE bagels.  If I had to choose between a decadent chocolate dessert or a freshly baked bagel smothered in homemade raspberry jam it would be the latter – hands down!   There was a group of us jockeying for the milk and space at the cutting board and one older gentleman stopped and looked at all of us and with a smile on his face said, “isn’t this the best time of the day!  Fresh coffee.  Fresh bagels.  Jam. A new day.  Isn’t it all just wonderful!”.   The group around the island all laughed and agreed.


I am finishing that morning cup of joe as I type this blog post.  The bagel having been inhaled on my drive home from the cafe.  But yes, I have to agree with that gentleman.  Life is good and isn’t a good cup of coffee the best part of the day!

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